Lindsay Reynolds

Lindsay Reynolds

Founding President
Gold Seal Certified Project Manager

Lindsay was introduced to the construction industry while studying Civil Engineering at the University of Waterloo, where she landed a co-op assignment with a local soil testing company. When she first stepped on to a construction site, she instantly felt at home. Upon earning her degree, Lindsay quickly established a career in Construction Management at PCL Construction, where she developed a reputation for excellence and leadership in various roles, including Estimating, Pre-Construction Services and Project Management. Lindsay continued to develop her expertise as Project Manager and Director of Operations at Reid’s Heritage Construction and Senior Project Manager for Starlight Investments.


As President and Principal Project Manager at Hancock & MacArthur, Lindsay offers a broad range of expertise in Residential, Commercial and Institutional construction from conception to closing. From high-rise construction budgeting to managing design-development processes, to implementing strong communication process for work in occupied buildings – she has done it all. With a high level of insight, a sharp eye for detail, and exceptional communication, Lindsay can proficiently navigate the unique intricacies of each project and facilitate successful outcomes for all.

Driven by our values


We are nothing if we don’t have our integrity and good reputation. We extend respect to all who we engage with no matter who they are or what the situation. We respect our team, our clients, our partners, and ourselves enough to have tough conversations, listen to all opinions, and make good choices. If everyone feels respected and valued, we will all be successful.


Doing the right thing can be a hard thing to do – but we will always do it. Clear and direct communication is foundational to kindness and respect. We believe that true leadership embraces vulnerability in challenging situations and summons the courage to face them. Showing up day after day to do the hard work, builds our collective resilience and helps us to move forward. Courage takes effort, but we believe it’s worth it.


We aim to be the best at what we do and strive for excellence everyday. Excellence means that we’re always curious and looking for new ways to elevate our work and ourselves. We have the experience to identify early the situations that might go sideways, and we can help you avoid them.


We value opinions, ideas, and actions. We are super passionate about the industry and our business, and we are actively part of the conversation. We aim to deliver a unique skill set that actively contributes to the success of a project and results in real value.


Our business is not truly independent, it is part of a wider ecosystem of colleagues, partners and community and we are active participants. We want to help shape the industry, mentor those joining it, and give back in the best ways we can. Our community supports us, and we support our community.


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