Experienced, Passionate & Connected
Construction Project Management

Hancock & MacArthur is your collaborative, consultative partner from start to finish.

At Hancock & MacArthur we work with you to develop the best processes, plans, and strategy for your build. We’ve cultivated our expertise working in various roles on diverse and unique projects, and we see all the angles.

Every construction project is different and comes with its own unique complexities – we believe that it takes true talent to sift through it all and create elegant, deliverable solutions.

From concept and pre-planning to construction and through to close-out, we are onsite with your vision and understanding. We monitor milestones and actively anticipate and mitigate risks, working through the details to realize your vision.

Our Services

We offer top to bottom management of your construction project. Our experience has taught us that to achieve success, each project requires a custom approach, so our plans and processes are developed accordingly.

Pre-Construction Planning & Team Assembly

Collaborative teamwork for a strong start.
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Construction Monitoring

Your eyes on-site throughout.
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Quality Control & Close Out

Excellence in delivery right to the end.
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Why Work With Us


It all begins with our genuine passion for the industry – we love construction! We intend to share our passion by making construction projects a more positive experience for everyone involved.


Our unique skill set actively contributes to your project’s success. We know how to facilitate productive, organized, and mutually successful collaborations between our clients and the construction industry.


We have seen all the ways in which a project can go sideways and have the background and expertise to keep it on track. We are constantly learning so that we always have the most current information and share our industry knowledge for the benefit of your project – and if there’s a better way, we’re not afraid of challenging norms and trying something new.


If we don’t know, we know someone who knows! The lifelong relationships we build with clients, contractors, vendors, and many others in the industry are critical for maintaining mutual trust and success. With our wide network, and as active members of construction industry associations, we connect our clients with many reputable businesses to support the success of your project.

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